Sanitizing wipes can wipe your face?

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Sanitary wipes are non-woven fabrics, fabrics, clean paper or other raw materials as a carrier, purified water for the production of water, appropriate amounts of preservatives and other accessories, the opponent, skin mucous membranes or objects have a clean bactericidal effect of the surface of the product.

You can wipe your face with a wet wipe on the go. It is easy to pick up, avoid cross-infection, and eliminates the hassle of going back and forth. However, after using a wipe, be sure to replenish the skin. Take a bottle of high-moisturizing toner or moisturizing spray with you and take it on the skin every 2-4 hours to supplement the skin with water and nutrients.

In order to facilitate our habitual choice of the way to wash your face with a wet wipe, there is a difference between wet wipes and clean water. Long-term use not only fails to achieve good results, but will have serious consequences for your skin. Clearly pay attention to this issue.
Whether it is ordinary wet wipes or baby wipes, it contains a common raw material of propylene glycol, which is a petrochemical solvent that easily penetrates into the skin. The harm to the body can not be ignored. It accumulates in the heart, liver, and kidneys, causing them to be distorted and damaged, as well as weakening the immune system. In addition, it also damages the cell membrane, causing skin rash, dry skin, contact dermatitis and skin surface damage.
The so-called natural wipes are used for daily care purposes, but they ignore the words that each type of wet wipe will have. This sentence is like smoking on cigarettes is harmful to health, the same natural Wet wipes are also products that have been added with many chemicals, so you will see that if you have adverse reactions, please stop using this product. If it is truly natural, how can such words appear?
So for a friend who often uses a wet towel to wash his face and thinks that wipes are cleaner than water, it should now be clear that the wipes are not clean. And just relying on these chemical compounds is no way to thoroughly clean your pores.


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