Why other disinfectant wipes quaternary ammonium salt content is 0.2%?

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The mechanism of action of quaternary ammonium salt is single and the level of disinfection is low. If the concentration is only 0.2%, the concentration that is actually released on the surface of the object after being adsorbed by the disinfected wipes is less than 0.2%, which is why many only contain quarters. The disinfectant wipes of ammonium salt have a poor disinfection effect. In theory, the higher the concentration of disinfectants, the better the effect of killing germs and the lower the chance of pathogenic bacteria becoming resistant, then why do we not use high concentrations as much as possible? This involves technical issues. The higher the quaternary ammonium salt concentration, the easier it is to form a precipitate during use, and the more corrosive it is, the more irritating it may be, which limits the use of high concentrations by technicians. However, if these problems are solved, it is of course better to have a high concentration. The quaternary ammonium salt concentration of the western nurse disinfecting wipes is 0.8%, but the corrosiveness and irritation are relatively small, and the disinfection effect is quite good. We use another perspective to compare, for example, 2000ppm chlorine-containing disinfectant and 500ppm chlorine-containing disinfectant. Why do we only use 500ppm in daily work? That's because the 2000 ppm chlorine disinfectant is too corrosive and irritating. If the corrosiveness and irritation of 2000ppm chlorine-containing disinfectant is not much different from the 500ppm concentration, then 2000ppm must be selected for disinfection effect and drug resistance. The concentration of disinfectant wipes of the West Nurse is 0.8%, but the safety is very high, and the corrosiveness is very low. The effect is very good.


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